Katie Kids Flats Sandals

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ราคาปกติ 890.00 ฿

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Katie Kids Flats Sandals Are Cute And Refreshing With Their Unique Slip-On Design, Feature A Standout Of Fluffy Fur Straps Adorned With Check Patterns, Adding A Touch Of Chicness To Your Casual Outings. The Cushioned Insole Ensures Easy And Comfortable Wear All Day Long, While The Platform Sole Provides Extra Support For Walking. Made From High-Quality Stretchy Pvc Material, These Sandals Are Suitable For Relaxed And Adorable Looks Or For Adding A Cute Touch To Special Occasions. Available In Two Colors: Light Blue And Pink.

  • Materials : Upper/Outsloe - Pvc
  • Dimension : Heels 2.2 Cm.

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