Clara Two Tone Platforms

รหัสสินค้า : 1123100008697

ราคาปกติ 1,390.00 ฿

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Clara Two Tone Platform With Slip-On Design, Capped Toe, And Impeccable Style. This Minimalistic Item Will Create A Unique Look For You. The Curved Sole And Curved Shoe Edges Provide A Comfortable Fit. Adorned With A Mini Heart-Shaped Pin Badge And A Logo On The Sole. The Thick Platform Adds Grip And Enhances Stability, Making It Easy And Comfortable To Walk On. With Its Standout Style, It Will Complete Your Fashionable Look. Match It With A Cargo Skirt Or Denim Shorts For A Perfect Look. Made From High-Quality Pvc Material. Available In Two Colors: Light Brown And Light Pink.

  • Materials : Pvc
  • Dimension : Heels 5.3 Cm.
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